St Gregory’s Church, Sudbury, Suffolk, United Kingdom

St Gregory’s is an Anglican Church (Church of England) serving most of the town of Sudbury, Suffolk in the United Kingdom.  St Gregory’s has been in Sudbury for many centuries and continues to be a focus for the local community and is seen by many as the "Mother Church" of Sudbury. St Gregory’s aims to provide for the spiritual needs of the town and wants all who come, whether just as visitors to the building, or to join in with the worship, to feel a warm welcome.

Offering a range of Christian worship on weekdays and Sundays which is both welcoming and inclusive. St Gregory's continues to serve the local community through baptisms, weddings and funerals, and as a venue for Civic and other services, and as a church building that is open daily and provides a peaceful space for visits and for prayer and reflection.

The church is open each day from 9.00am-5.00pm – do call in if you are in Sudbury. It is your church. If you come on a Friday morning we offer coffee and biscuits following our service at 10.00am.

The Revd. Canon Cheryl Collins, would be pleased to hear from you with any queries you might have.

Marking the Past- a lasting memorial for the ministry of Greg Webb

St Gregory ChurchOn Sunday 5th March we were delighted that Greg and Jackie’s three children, Nick, Ali and Joey could be with Jackie and all of us as we welcomed into church a new votive candle stand commissioned in his memory. The stand was funded from the collection at Greg’s funeral.

The metal tray of sand in which our candles are placed is suspended on three pillars, representing the three persons of the Trinity who uphold and support our journey of faith. Each pillar has suspended from it a large pebble which Nick and his children gathered from the beach near their home in Swanage, tying the gift more closely to the family. At the top of each pillar is a candle, one of which Greg’s three children each lit as we blessed the candle stand.

Jackie placed the first votive candle, symbolizing our prayer, into the tray. Around the wooden rim which encloses the tray are carved the words ‘Trust,’ ‘Hope’ and ‘Love’, words which characterized Greg’s own faith.

The beautiful light oak of the wood and the tray of sand itself are reminiscent of the desert or wilderness, which is a metaphor for the places where we find ourselves when life overwhelms us, and we turn to God in prayer. Just as the pillars encircle the sand tray God keeps and holds all our prayers safely and as a wise and loving Father, is delighted to respond to our needs.

Music for Summer Evenings
Free admission with donations gratefully received for the
we are really hoping that everyone will give as generously as last year
and thoroughly enjoy these four very special occasions.


How good a photographer are you?

Do you join in with Singles Lunches, Coffee Mornings, Prayer Breakfasts or are you on any of the rotas for serving, or for after-service coffees and teas or on the Flower team or Events committee.  

Or are you in the Choir or on the team of Bell ringers.  Parishioners, Elders and Church Wardens, clergy – you might like to try too to capture any of our St Greg’s special services and activities.

We are looking for "the photo" that symbolises each of the many activities that make St Gregory s a place for everybody.  How inventive can you be with your mobile phone? – it doesn’t have to be a camera. 

More information to follow, but get out there and start snapping (N.B. If photographing other people, do ask their permission as we may use the best photos on the website)

Send your photos, in any format that suits you, to Mandy Turner, Parish Admin (details in magazine) Start having fun with those happy snaps!

This year we at St.Greg’s are twinning our toilets.

This means we are donating £60 per toilet to twin our toilets at home with a single household latrine in an impoverished community.

Why is this a good thing to do?

•    2.4 billion people in our world still don’t have a loo. Apart from the obvious this means that
•     Every minute a child under five dies because of dirty water and poor sanitation.
•    Half of the young girls in Africa who drop out of school do so because they need to collect water or because the school hasn’t got a basic toilet.
•    Women and girls are vulnerable to attack when they seek privacy to answer the call of nature
•    For every £1 spent on water and sanitation programmes, £8 is returned through reduced health costs and increased productivity.

So, individuals in our congregation are twinning their toilets - see the list at the back of church to find out the places we’ve twinned with already.
Twin yours by contacting or phoning 03003 213217

The Meditation Group

Will not be meeting during Lent
It will begin again on 27th April 2017


Special Visit Opportunity

View Simon of Sudbury's head

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